Bennett Griffin’s Legal Eagle for all your Landlord and Tenant needs

Who is she? 
Hannah Bennett 

What does she do? 
She is a landlord and tenant solicitor at Bennett Griffin LLP. Fighting for you and your landlord. 

How can she help us? 
She can ensure that your landlord clients are satisfied and that the best result is achieved for them and for you. 

Services she can advise you or your landlord client on:

  • Advice where the tenant is in breach of the tenancy agreement – letter before action – section 8 notice – possession proceedings (Court hearing required)
  • Advice where the Landlord wants to regain possession of the property (no breach of tenancy) – section 21 notice and then accelerated possession proceedings (usually no Court hearing).
  • Drafting Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreements
  • Advice on how to evict squatters.

Why should you use a solicitor?

  • The notices can be tricky to draft and it is easy to get the wrong wording or the wrong date. Consequently, it will cost your landlord client more money and can take much longer than anticipated and you may have to pay your landlord clients’ legal bill if you make the mistake.
  • Solicitors are qualified to draft accurately and get the best result for the landlord first time.

Why should you use Bennett Griffin’s legal eagle?

  • Hannah will get it right first time!
  • Fixed fees
  • Experience
  • Efficient
  • Local/convenient
  • Direct contact with Hannah who will return your calls/emails promptly.

How will I meet Bennett Griffin’s legal eagle?

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