Adoption and guardianship ITV: Worthing based Bennett Griffin solicitors comment on ITV programme

I saw the ITV Tonight programme last night “A Failing System”, and was shocked at the length of time it appears to take to become an adoptive parent  in the UK.  It was upsetting to see that this means the many children who are currently in care and waiting for suitable adoptive parents, will remain in care for far longer than is necessary. The system for adoption is being reviewed at the present time by the Government who are going to adopt a “name and shame” can you buy adipex p online policy of the Local Authorities performance in placing children with suitable adoptive parent/s.  David Cameron was critical of the “system”, and supports the changes being instigated.   At Bennett Griffin LLP, Solicitors, we deal with adoption and special guardianship applications in the Sussex area, and so this news programme was of special interest to me.

Linda Robinson, Assistant to Stephen Hollamby, Managing Partner