BG win the Sussex Law Society volleyball tournament

Another success for Team BG in the Sussex Law Society beach volleyball tournament in Brighton last night.  Yes, we won it!!!!

There were 8 teams in total and the first round was played in 2 leagues of 4 with BG up against Crown Office Row (last years winners), Edward Harte and Lawson Lewis (winners 2 years ago).  After going 8-0 down in fairly rapid time we managed to squeak a 14-13 victory against COR and then there was no stopping us as we beat Edward Harte and eased past Lawson Lewis.  We then went on to beat Mayo Wynne Baxter in the quarter final and then Bishop & Light in the semi final which brought us up against Lawson Lewis again in the final.  We were cruising, but then made the fatal error of taking our foot off the gas and they got back to within 3 points and it was looking touch and go, but we managed to hold out for glorious victory.

Bearing in mind we finished an ignominious last in the same tournament last year and were feeling very sorry for ourselves, it was a great turnaround.  We have had a good year with 2 wins and a runners up spot in the 3 tournaments played (compared with 2 last places and a second to last in 2011).  Some of the other teams last night were griping about us practising and serving over arm – sour grapes!!!

So well done to the squad last night – Steve, Chris, Matt, Mike and The Kingsleys (who are occasional rivals/occasional compadres) – you did Team BG proud and put us on the Sussex legal beach volleyball map (if there is such a thing)!!.