Bennett Griffin Calls for Blame Free Divorce as part of Good Divorce Week

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We are proud to be backing a national campaign that calls for people to be able to divorce without blame.

Good Divorce Week, which runs from 28th November, will urge the Government to rethink current divorce procedures which can cause unnecessary family conflict and upset.

We believe that the process should be made less stressful by allowing couples to divorce or separate without one person having to blame another. This would mean a more positive outcome for family relationships and may avoid the need to go to court.

Resolution, the nationwide organisation behind the campaign, promotes a positive and non-confrontational approach to resolving family problems where possible. Richard Adams, who is the Head of the Family Department at Bennett Griffin, is one of only two lawyers in Sussex who have been accredited by Resolution as a specialist in handling complex financial and property cases involving high income households and couples with substantial assets.

Richard said, “Currently, unless a couple has been living apart for more than two years, one person has to ‘take the blame’ for the breakdown of a marriage. This can be very hurtful and upsetting, which makes it difficult for people to look constructively at arrangements for their children and the family’s finances.

“We work hard to gain the best possible outcome for our clients and believe that it’s crucial to consider the needs of the whole family; especially where there are children involved.

“It’s important that, once the divorce process has finished, everyone can move forward in a positive way and it’s hard to do that where blame has been apportioned and bad feeling still exists.

”We are supporting this campaign because we want the divorce process to change to allow people to bring their marriages to an end in a dignified way.”

Good Divorce Week will also be campaigning for improved rights for cohabiting couples.


Richard Adams – Head of the Family Department at Bennett Griffin