Careless talk could cost lives

Nick Hind, associate solicitor in the personal injury department at Bennett Griffin in Worthing comments:-

“Very interesting comment piece by Peter Wilby in The Guardian yesterday arising out of the news last week that road deaths are on the increase this year and in the aftermath of the tragedy on the M5 over the weekend.

Ministers have been talking recently about raising the motorway speed limit to 80mph and there has been a widespread assault on the existence and purpose of speed cameras by government and media alike.  The raison d’etre is that speed might be good for business.  However it might not be so good for those unfortunate enough to get in the way when things go wrong, as they can do at 80+ mph.

Even if no legislation arises, perhaps the wrong message is being put out –  speed is good; safety can be compromised; an increase in death and serious injury is regrettable collateral.  Perhaps it is affecting behaviour already.

At the same time the balance is as we speak shifting away from the innocent victims of accidents when it comes to making a personal injury claim.  Legislation is currently proceeding through Parliament that will profoundly affect the ability of accident victims to bring claims and obtain proper compensation.

In my view, a rethink is required”