Contact with Children during Lockdown

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Contact with children will be a thorny issue for many that have separated or are going through separation, whether there is an overriding health pandemic or not, but the latter has most definitely fuelled the tensions. As always, the more the parents/carers talk to one another, the less chance of misunderstandings and resentment. But, where matters are, sadly, beyond direct discussions; Mediation and/or Collaborative work, applications and proceedings will cut through the problems.

The Courts are routinely tackling the issues arising from shielding and isolating now and are applying logic and calm to very difficult dynamics. Orders have been made now which can be used as templates in all cases, where relevant, to assist all involved in the process. Legal precedents are taking shape, and hopefully won’t have to be relied upon for much longer or ever again, we hope. But, the residing conclusion has to be that government guidance is followed and common sense prevails in all circumstances.

As lockdown restrictions change and evolve with government advice we will continue to provide the most up-to-date advice possible. Keep an eye on our blog and our social media channels for more information.

By Jackie Mensah, Family Solicitor for Bennett Griffin

Disclaimer – Please note that this update is not intended to be exhaustive or be a substitute for legal advice. The application of the law in this area will often depend upon the specific facts and you are advised to seek specific advice on any given scenario.