Doing Divorce the Ben and Jen way: Mediation and Collaboration

Any self-respecting Hollywood A-lister  knows that privacy is a rare commodity when it comes to relationship break ups. Hence the media frenzy about the, well, lack of media frenzy surrounding  the recently announced marriage break up of Tinsel Town sweethearts Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner.

Ben and Jen have three children aged 3, 6 and 9 respectively, and have told the media that they wish to conduct a civilised divorce, with the use of working together strategies, including Mediation, and akin to Collaboration, whereby they talk, talk and talk some more, whilst making their children a priority. One of the huge benefits of adopting this alternative approach to Court proceedings is that meetings are conducted in private, without media scrutiny. They announced their plans a day after their 10th wedding anniversary, emphasising that co-parenting is what means the most to them. Unlike many of us mortals, they have the good fortune to be able to live at the “same address, but at different properties”, for the sake of the children.

The good news is that we offer all Hollywood B-Z-listers (and non-celebrities) the chance to choose the conciliatory paths of Mediation and Collaboration to resolve family issues. Here in the Bennett Griffin family team Jackie Gifford (Mediator) and Jackie Mensah (Collaborative Lawyer) are here to help, so  if you would like to know more, please call us for a confidential chat on 01903 229903, no audition necessary.



Article by Jackie Mensah, Associate Solicitor and Collaborative Lawyer.



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