Family Law News: January 2015

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No Rise in Court Fees

The Government, in response to the consultation on reform of fees, has dropped its proposal to raise the Court fee on filing a petition for divorce from the current figure of £410 to the original proposal of £750.  The proposal attracted a high level of criticism from respondents to the consultation.  Having taken account of the concerns, the Government has decided not to implement the proposed increase and the fee will be maintained at £410.


New European Regulation Protecting Victims of Domestic Violence Comes into Force

The European Union regulation providing for trans-European Union recognition of orders protecting the victims of domestic violence came into force on the 11th January 2015.  Protection orders defined in the regulation involve obligations on a person to refrain from contacting or approaching another person.  Orders made in the UK will be automatically recognised and enforceable in other member states (except Denmark) and by the same token, protection measures made in other member states will be recognised and enforceable in the UK.


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