Head Injuries and the effects

The statistics published by the Brain Injury Charity, Headway, in relation to head injuries show that :

• Every 90 seconds someone is admitted to hospital with an acquired brain injury.

• There are 10,000 – 20,000 severe traumatic brain injuries in the UK each year

• There are currently 1 million people in the UK living with the long term effects of a brain injury.

Head injuries have many different causes and the effect that a head injury has on an individual can vary hugely, from bruising, to concussion, through to a traumatic brain injury, requiring a huge amount of support from healthcare professionals and the injured person’s family.

If a person has suffered a head or brain injury they may need years, or possibly a lifetime, of support in order to help adipex-p phentermine buy them with their future needs. Where the injury was the fault of a third party it is essential that they employ a solicitor with not only experience of head injury claims, which differ from other types of personal injury claims in their complexity, but who can approach these challenging cases with compassion for the injured person.

Bennett Griffin’s personal injury team pride itself not just on our specialist knowledge of dealing with cases involving complex and serious injuries, including head injuries, but also the robust yet compassionate way in which we serve our clients.

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