High Court Ruling on “Toxic” Sofas

The High Court was told yesterday that customers who were injured after buying “toxic” sofas were to receive up to £20 million in compensation between them.

This is believed to be the largest consumer group litigation in British legal history with more than 1,500 victims expected to receive between £1,175 and £9,000 each.

Yesterdays’ ruling only relates to “non-severe” cases and legal action continues in 3,000 more severe cases where liability remains in dispute.

It is estimated that 100,000 leather sofas of the type that have caused these injuries have been sold. These sofas, manufactured in China, contained the antifungal chemical DMF – dimethyl fumarate – which has now been banned by the EU, and caused buy adipex p diet pills some people to suffer burns, eye problems and breathing difficulties.

David Hawkins of Bennett Griffin LLP’s Personal Injury team has been handling two of the cases which form part of this historic group litigation.

David says “both of my clients suffered burns to their skin having had an allergic reaction to the DMF chemical used to treat the leather sofa’s they bought from Argos. Although one of the cases I have been dealing with has now settled yesterdays ruling will allow my other clients case and the thousands who suffered injuries like his, to receive appropriate compensation for their injuries and allow them to put what has been a difficult time behind them”.

Article from Times Online: