Hints and Help to avoid being financially scammed

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A recent collaborative webinar we did with our good friends at MHA Carpenter Box Financial Advisors led to their team creating a great post about Financial Scams.  You can find the original post here on their website.

The article from the team at MHA focuses on the following 5 important factors in scam avoidance.

    1. Reputation – Reputable firms chosen based on their history, references and reputation
    2. Securing your Bank Accounts along with moving money out of your daily used current accounts
    3. Confidently dealing on the Telephone – if you are not sure or expecting the call, don’t be afraid to hand up and call the company yourself.
    4. A collection of new scams which have come as a result of Covid-19
      • Test, Track and Trace scams
      • Calls from your “bank” to discuss fraudulent payments asking for codes
      • Filling in details for competitions – and where that data could end up
      • Clairvoyance – and contacting your loved ones beyond the grave for regular sums of money
    5. Other common scams
      • Scams surrounding holidays, refunds, family members in trouble abroad etc…
      • You’ve won a prize
      • Too good to miss investment opportunities
      • HMRC phone calls or text messages

To check out the full article hop to the MHA Website now

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The webinar, which includes some great advice from our own Ian Macara is also placed below and is a great watch and listen.