In the words of Vanilla Ice “…STOP! Collaborate and Listen!”

I am just about old enough (and “cool” enough?) to recall, and appreciate, the lyrics to that iconic rap tune “Ice, Ice Baby”, but never did I think that it would provide a handy  and memorable link to the “National Family Dispute Resolution Week”. This year the celebration of all methods of resolving family issues without going to court is being highlighted in the week 24th to 28th November, and Bennett Griffin’s balloons are on order as I type

Collaborative Law is just one such alternative model which can be used by separating couples. The Collaborative process requires a shared commitment to avoid litigation, and, as with Mediation and Arbitration, it requires everyone involved in the process (including the lawyers) to listen, and in turn, be heard.

I am a Family Lawyer and I am a Resolution Accredited Collaborative Lawyer also. Collaborative Law is different to the traditional court route as it:

  • Uses imaginative and lateral thinking to achieve flexible and creative solutions (making it ideally suited to negotiating pre/post marital and living together agreements);
  • Eliminates the opportunity for misunderstanding;
  • Enhances communication and facilitates healthy, ongoing relationships, and
  • Shows children that their parents can resolve differences buy adipex p online uk constructively and together.

It provides YOU with A VOICE so that you have CONTROL over the decisions affecting YOUR LIFE, whilst being SUPPORTED by your lawyer, in a COST EFFECTIVE way.

Just like Mediation and Arbitration, this is not a “soft” option, and will not suit everyone or be appropriate for everyone. However, if you and the other party want it to work, it will, and the results will be long-term ones.

Do give me a call on 01903 229903 in confidence, if you would like to know more about this area or any other services we provide in the Bennett Griffin Family team.

 Exceptionally, if you contact us with a new booking enquiry from now, and until the end of the National Family DR Week, that is 28th November 2014, you will be eligible for an initial, one off 30 minutes complimentary consultation with one of our Family lawyers.  Additionally, and purely as an option when booking to see us, you will have the opportunity to book a complimentary taster session with an independent, qualified Life Coach. To take advantage of these offers, please quote reference “DR14” when contacting us.

Jacqueline Mensah, Family Lawyer and Lyrical Poet, signing off.


Jackie Mensah - Worthing Solicitor at Bennett Griffin