Minnesota Court Declares Prince Died Intestate – But What Does That Mean?

Following the sad news of the death of the singer Prince it has emerged, and been widely reported, that Prince died without a known Will (or “intestate”). This means that he died without making a known Will.

Prince would not be the only celebrity to have died without making a Will: Jimmy Hendrix, Bob Marley, Barry White, Michael Jackson and James Brown are just a few! In England and Wales, this would mean that the Intestacy Rules would dictate who inherits an estate and with it the potential uncertainty and acrimony that could follow.

Under English law there is a statutory set of rules that are enforced if you die intestate. Your estate will be divided according to those rules, irrespective of what your particular intentions may have been, which would effectively mean the estate is unlikely to be divided in the way you would have wanted or expected.

In our experience there are a number of prompts that cause people to turn their mind and engage their resolve to take control and gain the peace of mind of securing a carefully prepared Will. For some it is getting married (or remarried), for others it’s having a child, or their business may prove successful, or they may suffer unexpected poor health, or lose a loved or perhaps…..read a headline in a newspaper about a celebrity dying without a Will.

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We have compiled the following Top 10 Tips when considering making a will so that you can have the peace of mind of a comprehensive and coherent legal strategy for the future rather than buying an off the shelf, one size fits all cheap will or dying without a Will.

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