Olympic Games and the Duvet Day

The recent publicity surrounding the Euro-Lottery win by a dozen Corby bus drivers highlighted the risks employers face from matters utterly beyond their control. There were even rumours that drivers had simply abandoned their buses mid-route when they suddenly found they were £3 million richer. (As it happens, they all found out overnight when there were no buses running). Even so the drivers – over 25% of those working out of the one depot – all retired the next buy real adipex p online day!

The London 2012 Olympic Games, which are only months away, represent another risk from the same mold. For employers now is the time to work out how to deal with requests for holiday, increased use of internet and social networking sites during working hours, unplanned sickness absence and flexible working hours.

Early communication with employees will help to reduce problems and put them on notice that you intend to minimise the effect the Games may have on your business.