Online Divorce: Why a “sticking plaster” (which doesn’t even stick) cannot heal Family issues

Our families, our homes, and our businesses are the most important things in our lives. These are things we cherish and treat with love and care. Therefore, why is it that some of us choose to apply a quick-fix approach to these most precious areas of our lives?

The “one size-fits-all” ethos of the internet divorce and financial settlement, is a false economy for many clients, and can lead to subsequent expensive remedial and salvage work having to be undertaken by expert lawyers. With the emergence of various online packages, we have seen a surge in clients coming to us at Bennett Griffin LLP with a mess of documentation which was created by a “legal technician” based 200 miles away, in the hope that we can unravel the jumble, perhaps years later, and ensure that the separating couples’ true wishes and intentions are cemented in a workable form.

One recent alarming example of this involved a client who believed that the financial Consent Order which had been “drafted” by an invisible operative of a divorce website, matched the agreement he had reached with his former wife, as to when he would be able to access his capital in the former family home. Several years later, buy adipex retard online having faced resistance from the wife to comply with the apparent terms, the client sought our advice on the document. Sadly, the terms did not match the parties’ original intentions and, devastatingly, left the client without any automatic means of accessing his share of the net equity. The client was left with the Hobson’s choice of either approaching his former wife as to her buying out his interest in the former matrimonial home, at a much reduced figure than he would have achieved on a sale, or accepting that he would never see his share of the capital. The acrimony between the couple, which should have long passed, was resurrected. Our consultation fee was a drop in the ocean compared to the losses which he potentially faced as a result of the poorly drafted Order.

So, which would you choose:

Option A: £17 legal bill, plus further unknown, unending legal costs in years to come; no face-to-face contact with a lawyer, and ongoing emotional upset,


Option B: Fair legal fees; an expert, personal service, and peace of mind and security-?

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