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Alan Gollop

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Alan Gollop


I am a probate practitioner and part of the Private Client Team, with over 20 years’ experience of dealing with the administration of estates and trusts. I predominantly assist clients with estates and trusts in England and Wales, but can also assist and advise clients where the deceased has assets worldwide.

Although I am not a solicitor, I bring to Bennett Griffin a wealth of technical and practical knowledge from my experience administering estates with the Royal Bank of Scotland Group.


Recent Cases

Advising a client executor where one of the beneficiaries of an estate has an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA).  Corresponding with IVA administrator on the executor’s behalf to ascertain how much is owed by the beneficiary, and settling the debt on their behalf from the share of the estate the beneficiary is entitled to.

A client administrator sought my advice where the partner was occupying the deceased’s property, but the partner had no entitlement to the property under the deceased’s intestacy.  I provided advice and assistance to firstly try and resolve the matter amicably with the partner, but when this proved not possible, I assisted the client with having the partner (trespasser) removed so the executor could conclude the administration of the estate.

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