Alan Gollop

Alan Gollop

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Case Worker

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01903 706963

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01903 229172


Wills, Trusts and Probate Services

Alan Gollop


Alan Gollop is a Legal Adviser specialising in probate services who has developed considerable expertise advising Executors on a broad range of complex issues that can arise when administering estates. Although Alan is not a solicitor, he brings to Bennett Griffin a wealth of technical and practical knowledge from 17 years work administering estates with the Royal Bank of Scotland Group.

Alan’s particular areas of specialism include Inheritance Tax calculations, foreign grants and reseals and negotiating values with HMRC for specialist assets and property value disputes.

Outside of work Alan’s interests include cycling, football, motorsport and live comedy.

Hourly rate

Alan’s hourly rate is £215 plus VAT


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