Rising interest in DIY funerals

There was an interesting feature on BBC Breakfast this morning, Wednesday 26th June, about the rise in DIY funerals.

With the average cost of a funeral estimated at around £3,000, many people are doing it themselves to make sure their loved ones can have the send-off they deserve.  One woman featured on BBC Breakfast filmed her progress in organising her mother’s burial, and posted her films on YouTube.

Perhaps this is not surprising in view of the current economic squeeze, and particularly following the Channel 4 Dispatches programme on the shocking practices of Co-Operative Funeralcare.

The Dispatches programme, which aired on Monday, described a number of families’ horror as it was revealed how Co-Op, the UK’s buy adipex retard uk biggest funeral firm, piled naked bodies up in a grim warehouse morgue (read the Daily Mail’s article here)

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