Show Me The Money

The bankruptcy limit is going up to £5,000 in October. (Assuming the same Minister is in post!)

Currently, you can serve a Statutory Demand on someone for any sum over £750 and if they can’t pay, you can petition for his or her bankruptcy.

It’s rather silly, therefore, that the cost of making someone bankrupt is getting close to £1,000 in legal fees, with legal costs on top of that (unless you do-it-yourself).

The threshold figure of £750 was set in 1986, and some quick research suggests that would equate to between £2,000 and £3,000 can you legally buy adipex online today, so this rise in the limit is a pretty big jump anyway.

The introduction of the Debt Relief Order in 2007 was very helpful and this new rule should be seen in this light.

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