The risk of using an unregulated will writer – West Sussex solicitors comment on the Law Society’s press release

As you may have seen in the press recently, there are many will writers out there who are unqualified and unregulated.  There is little remedy available for families who suffer as a result of a poorly drafted will.

“The Law Society President, John Wotton, said at the moment anyone in England and Wales can operate as a will writer and sell products that are not fit for purpose.”

This warning comes from the Law Society’s recent press release, which highlights some of the problems associated with unregulated will writers, particularly where they are given the power to manage client’s assets.

“The Law Society has warned buy adipex p that consumers risk losing everything if they allow unqualified and unregulated will writers to have full control of their estate’s assets.
“John Wotton said it is becoming more difficult to assist consumers to identify reputable service providers as many providers now operate online.”

You can read the full press release here.

As John Wotton says, the problem is that many people do not know how to find out whether their will writer is regulated or not.  If in doubt, use a solicitor or legal executive, who will always be qualified and regulated.

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