What is Resolution?


Resolution is an association of 6,500 family lawyers and professionals committed to taking conflict out of family disputes. Resolution members abide by a code of practice which encourages solutions based on the needs of the whole family, and particularly the best interests of children.

Resolution’s recent survey found that 43% of the people buy phentermine adipex p suprenza surveyed believe that divorce can never be without conflict. However, 51% said they would like to prioritise making the divorce as conflict-free as possible. Despite the increasing availability of non-court alternatives, 47% thought that most divorces involved actually attending Court.

Divorce affects a lot of people, even those not getting divorced themselves. 86% of people surveyed said that they know someone close to them who had been divorced.

However you go about it, divorce involves a legal process, so you will need legal advice at some point, and it is far better to get that advice from someone who can combine legal expertise with a knowledge of non-confrontational options like Mediation and Collaborative Law.

Good family lawyers help couples achieve their desire for fair solutions, which take account of both the emotional and financial needs of families who separate. Our family lawyers, Jackie Gifford and Jackie Mensah are here to help explore your options with you, so please call 01903 229938 at your convenience.