Will Disputes

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The death of a loved one, whether they are a friend or a relative, will obviously be an emotional time for everybody.

Therefore it can come as a shock to discover that the Last Will and Testament of the deceased does not reflect what was expected or believed to be the case.

If you are concerned about a Will and its legacies, it is important that you seek specialist legal advice as soon as possible, due to time limits that are imposed. Here at Bennett Griffin we have specialist Lawyers who are experienced in this area of Law and can provide you with the relevant advice to help move your matter forward.

There are two potential approaches for disputing a Will, depending upon the facts of each case. Our specialist team at Bennett Griffin are able to offer specialist advice and assistance on;

1. Challenges to the Validity of the Will itself

• If you do not believe that a Will is valid,
• if you are concerned about the legacies within a Will and consider that there could have been questions over the capacity of the deceased,
• if you think the deceased could have been influenced by a third party when making the Will

2. Challenges under the Inheritance (Provision for Families and Dependants) Act 1975.

• If you have been left out of a Will entirely,
• If you have been left less than expected, meaning you are in financial hardship as a result,
• If the deceased died without a Will (intestate) and the rules of Intestacy apply, meaning you are not entitled under those rules to inherit anything.

Our specialist team at Bennett Griffin will advise you as to which of the approaches is right for your case, the merits of your case, what we can do for you and the next steps.

They will also discuss with you the various routes, including Court proceedings and Alternative Dispute Resolution, such as mediation.

If you would like to speak with one of our specialist team, please contact us on 01903 229999 or email rd@bennett-griffin.co.uk