Williams’ family woe

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It’s a sad state of affairs when a family falls out over a loved one’s estate, but unfortunately however careful you are in life with planning your affairs and how things should be dealt with when you pass away, grief stricken families will quarrel, as illustrated by the recent case between Robin William’s widow and his children. It has been reported by the BBC that Williams’ widow is accusing Robin William’s children of taking items that belonged to Robin without her permission and this has led to court proceedings. (Read the full article by clicking here).

At Bennett Griffin we have an excellent private client team that will do their best to ensure that everything is in place to avoid disputes such as this. Letters of wishes can be drafted to accompany a Will, a video of your last wishes can be created which can be helpful in explaining the reasons you have made certain decisions about your property and estate, and of course the drafting of the Will itself.

If however, you do find yourself embroiled in a family dispute once a loved one has passed, then please do not hesitate to contact Hannah Bennett who heads up our contested Wills and probate team on 01903 229925 for an initial free consultation.


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