Worthing revealed as one of the divorce hotspots of the UK

Worthing has had the perhaps dubious distinction of being named one of the top ten divorce capitals of the UK, research conducted by a law firm has revealed. Whilst the national average of people whose marital status is divorced is 8.2% this rises to 11% in Worthing. Interestingly, all of the top ten are seaside towns, with Blackpool up at the top, and Eastbourne and Hastings other notable hotspots.

The firm behind the report, based on figures for the Office for National Statistics, suggest that reasons for this seaside trend could be the sometimes higher occurrences of deprivation found by the coast (which is a factor in relationship breakdown) and, perhaps less seriously, that there is less to do in winter. There may also be a link between the growing trend for older couples to divorce and the higher average ages often found in seaside towns.

However, happily (or unhappily) http://www.mindanews.com/buy-effexor/ married couples should not necessarily fear that living by the sea will contribute to the breakdown of their marriage, because the ONS figures record the number of people whose marital status is divorced, rather than how many people actually get divorced in any particular area. Another explanation for this might be that a change of scenery to life by the sea may be more appealing following a divorce.

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