AIMing High

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It was recently reported that Rightmove founder, Harry Hill is to launch an online conveyancing service.

Interestingly Mr Hill is quoting legal fees that are well below the level of fees that some agents who are paid referral fees charge. the fees are also in the lower quartile of fees currently charged by solicitors and it has to be questionable as to how a quality service can be provided with fees at this level.

Unfortunately, our experience at Bennett Griffin, is that the firms who charge low fees provide a sub standard service which causes delays in the conveyancing process with such firms staffed by unqualified personel with little experience.

To date many so called flag ship conveyancing firms have gone to the wall due to running an unprofitable conveyancing service due to low fees.

The danger to high street practices comes from large chain estate agents convincing their sellers and buyers to use their panel and favoured solicitors due to some form of financial tie in rather than due to the quality of the service they provide