The Romance Is In The Detail (Or Why A Financial Agreement Is A Highly Loving Proposition)

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Valentine’s Day is for all true romantics.

As unconvinced as some of us may be about the commercialism of the annual event, it does bring the concept of love, in all its shapes and sizes, into the spotlight.

Even the cynics amongst us, would find it difficult to not agree that enduring love is based on mutual respect, commitment and security in all areas.

Financial marital and relationship agreements are fundamentally about establishing and recording secure foundations for the benefit of both parties.

It sounds clinical, but the reality is that relationships can rise or fall in line with the parties’ explicit understanding as to their sole and joint assets and liabilities.

From our combined decades of experience as family lawyers, there is an often inextricable link between respective financial arrangements and personal perceptions of what the relationship means, usually requiring some discussion at least.

Pre-Nuptial Agreements (and Post-Nuptial, as it is never too late to get things in order, often inheritance to adult children in mind), are living, enforceable embodiments of one’s personal commitment to a marriage.

And let’s not forget Cohabitation Agreements and the clarity they afford when embarking upon living together and often merging families and pre-acquired assets.

So, amidst the chocolates and flowers, consider your need, and that of your partner/spouse, to secure something a lot more meaningful and long-lasting to reflect your love.

What could be more romantic than avoiding potential conflict and heartache by clearly defining your abiding intention to make it work?

Follow your heart (and your head) this Valentine’s Day and contact me or fellow Family Law solicitor Sarah Pennicott to discuss how an Agreement could be the perfect gift for you and your special person.