Bennett Griffin do the Birdman for Guild Care

Reading Time: < 1 minuteWorthing Birdman 2015

There was a light south easterly wind and the sun was peeping through the few clouds that scattered the sky over Worthing on Saturday the 15th August 2015, the day of the International Birdman Competition. Flags were fluttering in the breeze, children were seen playing in the waves whilst clutching dripping ice creams and an audience of both locals and visitors to our fair town gazed expectantly up at the birdman platform and the big screens on the prom.

Up on the platform stood our 2 intrepid jumpers, partners from the firm, Elaine Smith the Judge and Rob Fawcett, the Griffin. Upon being interviewed by the comperes, Elaine explained that the firm had managed to raise a whopping £750 for our local chosen charity of the year, voted for by the staff, Guild Care. After the brief interview it was time to jump…..The Griffin and the Judge crept slowly along the platform to Van Halen’s, ‘Jump’ and then leapt into the cool blue sea. The captive audience went wild and our jumpers surfaced unscathed and smiling.

After the event, more donations came in and we are pleased to say that we managed to raise over a £1000 in total for Guild Care. Thank you to our jumpers and thank you to all those who came to watch and who sponsored Rob and Elaine. Rob has said he can’t wait till next year now!