Bennett Griffin LLP Staff Diversity Monitoring data

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Each year we will monitor the diversity of our staff in accordance with the requirements of the Solicitors Regulation Authority and publish such of that data as cannot lead to the identification of individual members of staff.

For the year to 31/12/13 we can therefore publish the numbers and percentages of the gender and ages of our staff. Any other publication following our diversity gathering from staff could lead to the identification of members of staff and so will not be published.

We have 50 staff and partners and from a non-compulsory monitoring exercise carried 33 staff answered monitoring questions authorised by the SRA provided by Riliance using their online tool called “Diversity within the legal profession”.

AGE Number of respondents Percentage of respondents
Age 16-24 3 9%
Age 25-34 9 27%
Age 35-44 6 18%
Age 45-54 10 31%
Age 55-64 4 12%
65+ 1 3%
Total 33 100%
GENDER Number Percentage
Female 21 64%
Male 12 36%
Total 33 100%