Employers – Beware the pitfalls of World Cup fever

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The World Cup is fast approaching and employers need to take precautions now to avoid problems between 12 June and 13 July 2014

There are several practical things you can do as an employer to make the World Cup period run smoothly…

Offer annual leave to those who want to watch matches on a ‘first come first served basis’

Put in place a policy in readiness for those employees who want to leave work early to catch the matches that kick off at 5.00 pm. Be prepared to consider flexible working on those days

Be wary of alleged dentist/doctor appointments on match days and make it clear that any undocumented absence will be dealt with by way of disciplinary action

Pre warn employees to take annual leave if they are planning to drink excessively on match days and ensure if they intend to come to work the following day that they are in a fit state to do so

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