January is D-Day for Divorce Lawyers

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Typically, the beginning of January is known as D-Day for divorce lawyers.  January has always been the month for a high number of new divorces, but will this trend continue?

You may have come to us for outline advice during the year but have chosen to reflect upon that advice before initiating proceedings.  There is no doubt that the present economic climate is placing a further pressure on families by compounding the financial worries.  This in itself may lead to discord. It may even cause a decision to separate or divorce to be deferred.

Couples may decide, for any number of reasons, to postpone legal action until the New Year.  The festive season offers an opportunity to spend time together and reflect upon the future of their relationship.  It is perhaps natural to want the family together for the sake of the children, the extended family, or the prospect of presents under the tree. However, too much time together over the festive period can prove to be too much for those already under stress and for others the festivities accentuate rather than repair the cracks in the relationship.

We understand that these times can be difficult for many, as all the usual stresses can seem even worse.  We also understand that many want to resolve to make a fresh start.  Whatever your situation, we are ready to assist with our legal expertise when you feel the time is right.  Make 2012 the year Bennett Griffin helps you create a happier future.