Supermarket slip – another Bennett Griffin LLP success story

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Bennett Griffin LLP’s personal injury department has secured another notable success for a local client who suffered serious injuries after in a slipping accident in a local shop.

Nick Hind, the solicitor who dealt with the case, takes up the story.  “My client, an elderly woman, was visiting a local shop early one morning and unbeknown to her the shop floor had just been mopped.  There were no warning signs up and as she walked through the shop she slipped on a patch of water and fell suffering bad fractures to her shoulder and wrist.  The shop’s insurers admitted that the floor had just been mopped, but denied that the floor was wet and maintained that warning signs were in place.  It seemed to be a contradictory argument, but liability was strenuously denied and we were forced to issue court proceedings.  Eventually, just before trial, the shop’s insurers admitted liability and a generous settlement was agreed reflecting the fact that my client was still suffering from her injuries.  My client required ongoing physiotherapy just to keep her shoulder mobile and the settlement allowed for additional visits to the hairdresser as her ability to even do her own hair was compromised.  My client was delighted with the outcome.”

Bennett Griffin LLP has represented many local clients who have suffered injuries caused by slips in supermarkets, shops, pubs, restaurants etc.  However the claims are seldom straightforward and are often contested by insurance companies.  Legal advice and representation is essential if a claim is to be successful.

If you have suffered injury in a slipping accident, please contact Bennett Griffin LLP for impartial advice.