Who is your Attorney?

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Thanks to recent media coverage, most people are now aware of the importance of putting a Power of Attorney in place.  But have you really given proper thought as to whether your choice of Attorney is suitable?

A recent case reported in Bristol (click here) provides a stark and rather disturbing reminder that your choice of Attorney is crucial.

At Bennett Griffin, we can help you through the process of making a Power of Attorney, including the matters you should consider when choosing your Attorneys.  We recommend that your Power of Attorney is reviewed regularly, together with your Will, as circumstances do change over time.

Some issues concerning Powers of Attorney arise because the Attorneys do not properly understand their responsibilities and limitations.  If you wish, we can provide your Attorneys with additional guidance to try to prevent such problems occurring.

As well as assisting with the preparation and, where appropriate, the registration of your General, Enduring or Lasting Power of Attorney, we can also store the document for you free of charge.  This provides an invaluable additional security measure as we will only release the original document with specific instructions from you, or medical evidence that you are no longer capable of making your own decisions.

For more information about Powers of Attorney, please contact Ian Macara on 01903 777696 or im@bennett-griffin.co.uk.