2 Elite teams from BG take part in the Worthing Law Society Quiz

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Approximately 12 teams turned up to the Worthing Law Society Quiz with two elite teams from Bennett Griffin.

The Marrakesh Express – Jackie, Gavin, Peter, Jenny and Steve N


DJ Ham – Darren, Jo, Hannah, Amy and Mark.

I have to say, the questions were tough, but DJ Ham managed to scrape through to 7th place so were very pleased with their performance particularly on the plasticine round.  DJ Ham finished with 68 ½ points.

The Marrakesh Express however stormed into the lead and won by a long way, with a grand score of 83 points. The crowd went mad for the winning BG team!

It seems that Bennett Griffin are on a winning streak!

Well done to the Marrakesh Express and a big Thank You to everyone who took part as the quiz raised over £120 for Chestnut Tree House.