Anticipating the End of the World Day? Or just a good time to plan for 2013?

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Assuming that we do not all implode on 21s December, this could be a time to give some thought to what has passed in 2012 and what new challenges and changes face us in 2013.

You may be looking forward to planning your wedding; moving house;  a new arrival, or all of the above. Or, you may be anxious about your former partner/spouse getting married before you have a financial settlement in place, or he/she moving away from the area with the your children.

Either way, the Bennett Griffin Family team are here to help. We can put you in touch with our Wills and Conveyancing teams so that all of those essential related areas of concern are looked after also.

Feel free to call Jackie Mensah (01903 229938) or Jackie Gifford (01903 229903) to make an appointment, perhaps before 21st December, just to be on the safe side…