Bank Holiday Access to Your Children

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2012 is full of exceptional events and Bank Holidays, all of which should provide families with additional enjoyable time together.

However, the Family team at Bennett Griffin are aware of the pressures experienced by some parents (and some children) when trying to organise the regular holiday times, such as the summer break, and so the arrival of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, and the Olympics, may sadly intensify the process.

That agreed three nights staying contact may now be presumed by one parent to be a five night stay, inclusive of the Bank Holiday Monday and Tuesday in June.

Mum is looking forward to taking the children to see GB play football at Wembley, even though the children may be going away with Dad that week. Whereas, equally, Dad has tickets to take them to see the basketball final, and the date falls on the weekend when they are due to be with Mum.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Would you like to try to avoid the usual arguments and upsets, and ensure your children have certainty as to where they will be, and when, this summer, so that they can simply be excited about the summer of 2012?

Our Jackie Gifford, a trained and highly experienced Mediator, is here to help. Please call Jackie Gifford on 01903 229903 for a confidential and informal initial discussion as to how we can help you and your family have a summer which will be memorable for all the right reasons.