Bennett Griffin Trusted Assistants

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I am very pleased to announce, that after much planning, Bennett Griffin LLP has now opened an exciting new Non Legal Department – the BG Trusted Assistants.

This Department is aimed directly at assisting and empowering people to continue living independently in their own homes by either relieving them of, or assisting them with the tasks, which so often become daunting in later life.  The Trusted Assistants are not carers, nor are they lawyers, but they aim to fill the gap between the two in an efficient and affordable manner.

BG Trusted Assistants are well equipped to deal with all manner of everyday situations, for example, helping you with your paperwork, doing online shopping, sourcing tradesmen and even helping you to make your home more secure and energy efficient in the most economical way.

The Trusted Assistants are experienced, reliable and friendly professionals with impressive track records in their previous careers.  They are there to support and assist in a practical way, so if you think you or someone you care for would benefit from a BG Trusted Assistant, give us a call on 01903 777693.

All our Trusted Assistants come with excellent references, an Enhanced CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) Disclosure and are supported by a firm of well respected local Solicitors.

You can rely on a BG Trusted Assistant.

For further information please contact Tricia Stephenson, Legal Executive in Bennett Griffin LLP’s Wills, Probate and Elderly Client Services Team on 01903 777693 or