Contractual Disputes

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We all enter into contracts for goods and/or services at various points in our lives. The purchase or sale of vehicles, building works or commercial contracts between companies are just a few examples.

When something goes wrong in these situations, emotions can run high and the financial implications of the contractual failure can seem overwhelming.

The Dispute Resolution Department here at Bennett Griffin have many years of experience in contractual disputes. Whatever your concerns, we can review your legal position and help you to achieve a resolution.

Often, mediation can be a cost effective remedy to many contractual disputes. Our team at Bennett Griffin are skilled in negotiating and seeking remedies which satisfy the parties, without resorting to litigation through the Court. Of course, if negotiation fails, Bennett Griffin will effectively steer your matter through the litigation process.

Value of your dispute

Depending on the value of the claim, the matter can fall within three potential

  • Under £10,000 – Small Claims
  • £10,000 – £25,000 – Fast Track
  • £25,000+ – Multi Track.

The costs involved and the processes differ between the different Tracks. We will fully explain how your matter is likely to progress (whether you are bringing or defending a claim), keep you informed as to costs and steer your dispute through the legal process in a practical and robust manner.

Consumer contracts

As a consumer, the law offers you a generous level of protection in contracts. A key piece of legislation is the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

Bennett Griffin has successfully won many cases for consumers. We have successfully negotiated settlements relating to defective vehicles and obtained Judgments against companies who have undertaken defective works for consumers.

Commercial contracts

Bennett Griffin also acts for numerous commercial clients who have experienced contractual difficulties. We have recovered sums due under contracts, negotiated payment on defective contracts and advised on the benefits of entering into contracts in the first instance.

If you want to know if your legal position is strong, whether you can exit a contract or whether another party has committed a breach which entitles you to a remedy, we can offer a comprehensive review of the contract and advice on your legal position. Depending on the outcome of the review, Bennett Griffin has experience in chairing formal mediation, round table discussions and without prejudice written correspondence to resolve the matter.

Don’t hesitate to contact us whatever your matter, big or small, Bennett Griffin will strive to be with you for every step of the process.  We will provide effective, sensible and cost effective advice, to work with you or your business to reach the most effective resolution for you.

Litigation can be daunting, but we will bring an objective and pragmatic view on the proceedings and will always have your best interests at the core of all our work on your matter.

If you have any contractual concerns, contact us on 01903 229999 now to see what we can do to assist you.