Dangerous Dogs – Personal Injury Claims

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If injured by a dangerous dog you may have a civil claim for compensation (Personal injury Claim) against the owner or “keeper” either on the basis of negligence or as a result of the Animals Act 1971.

The relevant sections of the Animals Act are cumbersome and confusing.  The prospects of success will depend upon the owner or keeper’s knowledge of the dog’s characteristics and the history of the dog’s previous conduct.

Characteristics of the dog

Both the characteristics of the particular species and the knowledge of the characteristics of the particular dog will be relevant.

Today the BBC announced that the government has proposed toughening the criminal sanctions for fatal dog attacks with a number of sentencing options ranging from seven years to life. But the RSPCA said more needed to be done.

At present the current maximum prison sentence for allowing a dog that kills or injures someone to be dangerously out of control is two years.

Over the years the Bennett Griffin Personal Injury Team has fought to secure compensation for many dog attack victims.

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