Grandparents: The unsung heroes in a child’s life

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Having just returned from nearly a year of maternity leave, I feel much better equipped to confirm that which I have suspected for some time. Firstly, the “job” of a parent is extremely demanding, but equally enjoyable. Secondly, that many parents would not be able to parent effectively without the vital assistance of the grandparents. The care and relationship they provide a child is loving and without remuneration. The tiredness and pressures they encounter can, very often, be no less different than that of the parent.

As such, many grandparents must feel an overwhelming sense of loss when, for whatever reason, contact with a grandchild is stopped by a parent. A child has a right to know his/her grandparents whenever possible.

Whilst grandparents do not have an automatic right to contact with their grandchildren, family courts do recognise the invaluable role they play. We can provide the legal advice and assistance required to help put things right. The Family Team are experienced in understanding and representing the interests of grandparents, and Bennett Griffin are the only listed lawyers for West Sussex by the Grandparents Association, the national charity supporting grandparents and families.

Jackie_Mensah_portraitIf your attempts at re-gaining contact with your grandchildren through direct and sensitive discussion with the parents fails, do give me, Jackie Mensah (01903 229903) or our Family team (01903 229938) a call.