Lisa John (bowling sponsorship) says about her forthcoming competitions

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“Hong Kong is for the Women’s World Championships – there is a team of 6 girls going and we play various different events throughout the week – singles, doubles, trios and team.  This will be the 5th World Championships that I have participated at and I am very excited.  We leave on the 2nd September and return on the 12th September.

The Bowling World Cup in Johannesburg in South Africa is a single discipline event so only one male and one female go from each country, but it is a massive tournament with more countries participating then any other event in Bowling.  I leave for this on 28th/29th November and return on 8th December.

I am also going to Finland in August for the European Champions Cup which is from 15th to 21st August.  This is also a single discipline event with one male and one female from each country going.”