Love is in the Square, and if it’s not, we are here to help…

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Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and what does this mean? Well, for anyone who, like me, finds it easy to blur the line between fact and fiction: an “EastEnders’” wedding (calamity)-! This time it’s Ian Beale (again), marrying  Jane (again), and we just know that the celebration fizz will turn flat within say 30 minutes or so of being uncorked.

But, let us look back to Ian’s very early days and see how it might have all taken a very different path had he traveled outside of Walford (yes, it does really exist as a London Borough…) and experienced the sunny, seaside expertise of Bennett Griffin.
Circa 1985 and beyond, he…

  • Inherits father’s fruit and veg stall: advice from our Commercial and Wills Teams, and BG Wealth.
  • Builds own business empire, now consisting of fish shop, cafe and restaurant: advice from our Commercial, Conveyancing and Wills Teams, and BG Wealth.
  • Marries first wife, Cindy, who lies about paternity of their first child; they go on to have twins; they separate and she takes two of the children to Italy; a custody (now referred to as residence/child arrangements) battle ensues: advice and representation from our Family Team, and advice from our Wills Team.

In addition, some early, protective advice from the Family Team, about pre-nuptial agreements, would have come in handy no doubt.

We will skip over the subsequent doomed relationships and marriages, and the very real and talented way in which Adam Woodyatt took us through Ian’s breakdown (so it is fiction after all-?). To conclude, life (real or otherwise) is messy for us all, at times, but what makes the difference is knowing who to turn to for the right help, at the right time. If it’s not all hearts and flowers for you, or someone you know, this weekend, give us a call, in confidence, and we will ensure that all your needs are identified and met, without creating any dramas.

Jacqueline Mensah is a Solicitor and Collaborative Lawyer in our Family Team, on DD 01903 229903.


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