A Mark of Quality – All About Lexcel

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You may have seen the following marker on our firm’s website, marketing materials and/or client letters.

This signifies that Bennett Griffin LLP holds a Lexcel Practice Management Standard accreditation from the Law Society of England and Wales.

We are immensely proud to hold a Lexcel accreditation and are one of only five legal practices in Worthing who do so[1].

But many clients and businesses have little if no idea of what Lexcel is and what benefits us having the accreditation holds for them.  This article is designed to sweep any mystery surrounding this standard and explain why law firms that invest in Lexcel (and in our case have continued to renew it every three years), believe deeply about quality legal practice, engaged & motivated staff and exceptional client care.

What is Lexcel?

According to the Law Society, Lexcel is the Society’s legal practice quality mark for excellence in practice management and client care.

However, in practice, Lexcel is so much more.

It leads to a culture of quality, ensuring that plans, processes, and procedures are in place for every area of the practice, from an updated business strategy to constantly reviewed client engagement letters.

For a firm to acquire a Lexcel accreditation, they must demonstrate they have adequate plans, policies, and procedures across the following areas:

  • structure and strategy
  • financial management
  • information management
  • people management
  • risk management
  • client care
  • file and case management.

Nothing is spoon-fed.  Lexcel provides the framework and governance, but it is the practice itself that develops the policies and procedures and ultimately puts them into effect.

It should not be underestimated how much investment in time is needed to create the plans, policies, and procedures required to gain the Lexcel accreditation initially.  All staff members must be deeply committed to the process and understand that the hard work they put in will benefit both their business, their clients, and their community.

Our journey to gaining Lexcel accreditation

Bennett Griffin has held a Lexcel accreditation since 2007.  We decided we needed to have a clear system and framework in place to govern our practice and we wanted one that was approved by the Law Society.

Lexcel ticked all the boxes.

According to our Risk and Compliance Partner, Stephen Hollamby, the benefits provided by a Lexcel accreditation to Bennet Griffin’s clients are numerous:

“Having the Lexcel framework to create the policies and procedures that operate the firm means all our clients, no matter how big or small, receive the same level of quality service.  Right from the start, through our client engagement letters, new clients know what to expect when instructing us.  We also review things like our file management system and IT security policies regularly, putting into place any relevant feedback from clients and staff members on how the firm’s operations can be improved.

“Firms that hold a Lexcel accreditation are audited fully by the Law Society every three years.  Having a full reassessment every three years to maintain a Lexcel accreditation provides clients with confidence that we are continually looking to improve our service, training and client care.”

Stephen states that having Lexcel also helps the firm attract and retain outstanding and gifted solicitors.  “We have recently taken on a solicitor from a top London firm.  Talented staff are always attracted to a well-organised legal practice with solid prospects for career advancement in place.  Having a Lexcel accreditation communicates to highly-qualified and experienced solicitors that we can provide a quality, gratifying working environment.  This naturally affects the type of service and expertise we can offer our clients.  Our staff are motivated, feel in control of their work, and know they have the full support of a tight-knit team behind them.  This gives them the foundation to deliver exceptionally high-quality service to everyone who comes through our door.”

Lexcel provides our firm the framework to develop and execute standard procedures across every department.  We have the checks and balances in place to ensure nothing is missed from a client’s file, and that all work that needs to be done is completed, on time, on budget and to the highest standard.

Bennett Griffin are award-winning Solicitors based in West Sussex. From our office in central Worthing our experienced and specialist Solicitors offer a comprehensive service and will work with you in an honest, considered, and practical manner. If you require legal advice, please contact us on 01903 229 999 or by email at info@bennett-griffin.co.uk for more information.

The information contained in this article is for general guidance only and is not intended to be legal advice. Professional advice should always be taken on the application of the law in any particular situation.