Pavement tripping – another success against the local council

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Bennett Griffin LLP has just settled another pavement tripping case against the local highways authority.

Bennett Griffin LLP’s resident tripping expert, David Hawkins, commented “My client tripped on an appalling patch of pavement near to his home and suffered a horrible facial injury.  The pavement surface had been badly broken up by tree roots, but it seemed obvious that no repairs had been done for years and the area had just been left by the council and was clearly a danger to local residents.  After his accident my client contacted Bennett Griffin LLP for advice and I assisted him with bringing a claim against the local council.  The Council attempted to avoid responsibility even in the face of compelling photographic and witness evidence as to the prolonged poor state of the pavement, and it was necessary to issue court proceedings.  Thankfully, unlike a similar case that concluded last year at a court trial, the council saw sense and offered to settle my client’s claim soon after proceedings were issued.  My client was delighted that justice was eventually served.  Also the council finally repaired the pavement”.

This case is the latest in a long line of successes for Bennett Griffin LLP in pavement tripping cases against local councils, including the success at trial last year mentioned above.  Such cases are very difficult to win and usually meet with stiff resistance from the local council concerned.  Many law firms refuse to deal with tripping claims and we know of several local firms who automatically refer any such enquiries to Bennett Griffin LLP.

David comments further “not every pavement trip gives rise to a personal injury claim, but they frequently do and if that is the case then you need a lawyer with the knowledge to provide the correct advice and the right experience and, above all, tenacity to pursue the claim if it is going to be successful.  Local knowledge is important too, so I would recommend seeking advice from a local lawyer rather than someone advertising on the TV.  Also, if you have had a tripping accident I would not recommend trying to deal with a local council yourself.  I have seen too often how councils try to bamboozle people who are unrepresented.  It is not a level playing field as specialist knowledge is required”.

If you have suffered injury in a tripping accident and want advice as to your rights and advice as to whether bringing a personal injury claim is viable and in your interests, please contact David Hawkins at Bennett Griffin LLP.

David can be contacted on 01903 229929 or at