The Danger of DIY Wills and Probate

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Data obtained from the Probate Service shows an increase in problems arising from poorly drafted Wills.  A recurring problem was that the Wills did not make proper provision for Executors, the people who will deal with your estate after you have passed away.

The data highlights the importance of seeking advice from a qualified professional when making a Will.

The article by Title Research also highlights a number of risks that individuals face when dealing with the administration of a loved one’s estate without professional support.  The common mistakes cited include undervaluing the estate, under paying tax, or missing out entitled heirs.

At Bennett Griffin, we appreciate that it can be daunting to visit a solicitor to discuss personal matters, particularly if you have recently lost a loved one.  Our team of specialists are understanding and approachable, and the advice we provide can be invaluable in protecting yourself, your assets, and your family and friends.

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