Tough on Dogs, Tougher on Owners, Victims Short-Changed

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Significantly tougher punishments have been introduced for the owners of dogs that attack and sometimes kill and maim.  The maximum prison sentences have increased to 14 years for fatal attacks and 5 years for attacks that cause injury.

Nick Hind from Bennett Griffin’s personal injury team comments on these punishments and how tough punishments are not necessarily adequate compensation for the victims of dog attacks and their families;

Nick comments that:

“In civil law, unless the dog has been provoked, the dog owner should normally be liable to pay compensation to the victim of an attack.  That’s all very well if the dog owner has insurance, but if not (and most dog owners who are irresponsible enough to allow their dog to attack someone are probably not the sort to worry too much about pet insurance) any claim becomes fraught with uncertainty about whether the owner can or will pay any compensation due.  The lack of insurance can be a big deterrent to the viability of even the most clear and deserved claim.”

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